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What's New for '24

Updated: 7 days ago

2024: New experiences, new connections, and new learning.


When going through photos year after year the events and daily life blur together which highlights that even though life is great, we tend to do the same things over and over. So, that means new things are in order. I’m not giving away all that is on the list to include for this year; it will be more interesting to let it all unfold over time.


In this third week of January, I can report a few new things. Wine & Whiskey Travelers has a new logo. The logo with the doggies and the RV had to be updated. New logo is simple and round which works for all social media platforms and the website.


I joined the Wolfeboro Garden Club and went to the January meeting. Well, in a room full of about fifty people I only knew one. As a person that has resided in this town since 1997, had a retail shop for fifteen years, and was involved in the community, I was surprised to not know more people. I felt like a new resident. I was also the youngest person in attendance. LOL! Perhaps all of the members and guests moved to Wolfeboro to retire or were just busy working people that I never crossed paths with.


The meeting was great as there was a speaker, Phoebe Hartvigsen, from Squam Lakes Natural Science Center that brought three live animals, an American Kestrel, a Saw-whet Owl, and a skunk. The skunk is super cute! Phoebe was entertaining as she walked around with the kestrel and the owl on her hand.

We continue to make the most of our little piece of earth and in the spirit new experiences, Whiskey strapped on his skis and took several runs from the woods to the side yard. Bell did not know what to make of this sport and Whiskey sliding on skis. Watch the video to see the skiing in motion.

Sunday at home video starts with brunch, followed by skiing, then wraps up with a short rib dinner in the kitchen. Life is good.

Also new is new subscribers to our YouTube channel. Ever since my sourdough video, which has over 13K views, we have many new subscribers. That is exciting. I guess I need to put up more cooking videos.


So that’s what’s new for us this month and we still have a week to go. What are you doing new for 2024? Share in the comments.

Thanks for reading and watching.


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