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Wine & Whiskey

She's wine, he's whiskey. Together, along with their pets, they travel to explore good eats, wine, whiskey, and beautiful scenery. Their motto is "create a life you don't need a vacation from."



“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” – Mark Twain


Whiskey – Tennessee Squire since June, 2009.


That tells you I am a Jack Daniel’s fan.  But!  Wine and I have a healthy diet.  We hate anything artificial and try to avoid all crops sprayed with chemicals and the genetically modified crops that are modified mostly to sustain the spraying.  GMO for short.  Jack Daniel’s Distillery sells over $3 billion worth of Tennessee sour mash whiskey a year and it occurred to me that they could not possibly guaranty the grains they were using were not GMO.  Well they can’t, and they don’t.  They simply use too much and they argue the GMO’s get distilled out of the process (see 2009 statement on GMO corn use).


I had always branched out a little bit.  Hunter S. Thompson was a Wild Turkey drinker and whenever I read a HST book, so was I.  So I was pleased to learn that Wild Turkey was using non-GMO corn in their recipe.  At this point, who knows for sure who is using GMO and whether or not they know or admit it because it is simply so pervasive.  But this quest for a healthier drink lead to an experiment of tasting different.  I learned the hard way not to buy the bottle and then decide you hate it.  Wine learned the same.  Hence the Traveler concept.  We shall travel wherever our motor-home takes us, to the next bar-stool usually, and we shall subject ourselves to whatever wine and whiskey the purveyors will purvey, and we will report the results to you. You’re welcome.

About Wine

Well, my wine drinking started with white Zinfandel way back in my early 20's. It wasn’t hard to move up from there. Back in the 80’s oaky chardonnay was all the rage. At first I didn’t like it. But over time, I grew to enjoy it. Now oaky chardonnay is virtually impossible to find. Most chardonnays are not oak barrel fermented. Sigh.


Instead of a nice oak flavor I swear wine makers are substituting fake flavors like vanilla in their wine. But we will never know because ingredients aren’t listed. I keep trying different chardonnays, but once I detect that fake vanilla flavor, it is off my list.


I like reds too. In winter, bold deep reds are my favorites. In summer, I go with Pinot Noir and slightly chill it. Bubbles aren’t my thing. But I will consume it from time to time at Sunday brunch.


I’m the cook, and I enjoy it. I try and keep meals simple and cook with whole ingredients. We are fortunate to have amazing farmers in our area. I buy locally raised pork, chicken, and beef. Also local are eggs and raw milk. In addition to the wonderful farmers, we have an amazing little food co-op that has amassed a wonderful assortment of natural foods, supplement, and cleaning and beauty products.


On the blog you won’t find extreme risk-taking hikes, climbs, or challenges. Instead, I will be sharing some of the food I make, and some of the dishes we discover while out and about. I look forward to sharing our everyday life and adventures. Live life to the fullest.


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