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January Comes to a Close

Updated: Feb 19

The first month of 2024 turned out to be a snowy one. There were moments of rain as well, but overall, the ground stayed covered in white.

These are shots showing the ice on the trees. It makes for sparkle and shine.

As I mentioned 2024 is about incorporating new into our lives. So far for January new has been skiing in our backyard, garden club meeting, orange spice martini, Bell's first trip to Home Depot (she didn't like it), and Bell taking treats from our UPS driver.

New "character" on the W&W channel is "Mr. Coffee"; he's our old friend and carpenter that is back in town. And just in time to help us with our bathroom addition project and other stuff around this old house.

Each day when he works with us, he arrives at 9, we have coffee and sourdough toast (he loves bread!) and chat about what the plan is for the day. We meet up again for lunch which I make; thankfully Mr. Coffee is not a picky eater. Some days after work is done, we convene for a drink (for us) and snacks. Mr. Coffee doesn't drink so hence the name Mr. Coffee.

Sitting around the kitchen table leads to interesting conversation. Such as, maple

sugaring. Mr. Coffee, an old Yankee, has sugared in the past. So, as we continue to talk, we decide we should tap our maple trees. The three of us took a walk around and chose the trees.

I ordered buckets and spiles (aka taps), they arrive shortly thereafter, and we set them up right away. This is a big new thing for us. We have never even thought about tapping our trees. New for '24: Maple sugaring.

Buckets washed and ready to hang from trees.

We tapped twelve trees; you can see it in the video which is posted down below.

Bathroom progress update: For those that know the house, that piece of plywood is over the stairway from the living room. This is now a plumbing and electrical chase to the basement.

Snowy scenes.

Here is the video of the second half of January. It starts off a bit boring, but I suggest you stay with it for a while because there is never seen before footage of afterhours fun.

If you watched the video all the way through you will see that we make our own fun. We try to live life to the fullest. 💓

Next up is a trip to eastern Long Island to kick off February.


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