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Practicing Part-time Snowbirds

This April is a good month to practice being a snowbird. The snow, the cool weather, and ongoing mud season in NH makes being in HHI a complete joy.

Even Bell is getting into the sunning routine. Our site has a patch of lawn and sunshine; both of which are rare in the resort due to the amazing tree canopy providing a lot of shade and highly landscaped sites.

This has allowed us to soak in the sun and vitamin D in our backyard for a while before heading to the saltwater pool for a refreshing dip.

Weather forecast for Wolfeboro.

Weather forecast for HHI. Our tans are underway!

This is a video of our travel from NH to HHI.

Morning walk at the resort.

Gallery of life while enjoying the warm weather, sunshine, and "living local".

I have former clients turned friends that have been boating on the Great Loop since June 1, 2023, and amazingly, our paths crossed in Beaufort, South Carolina. We were able to meet up with them and tour the boat. Follow along their sailing journey via their Facebook page.

Only one day of rain so far and I used that as an opportunity to do absolutely nothing. What a rarity that is for me. What we haven't shown is that Whiskey is still doing paperwork and reports. He rises early, gets the coffee brewing, then cranks out work in the early morning.

Also not shown is the grocery shopping and laundry tasks. Since I packed the fridge and pantry so well, we were able to go a whole week without shopping for any food. Near the resort is a Publix, a "candy store" aka wine & spirits store, and a Walgreens so we are able to easily replenish as needed. That is another reason why we love the motorcoach resort.

A video highlighting our time so far on the island including a bit of self-imposed yardwork 😁, cooking, dining out, beach time, and hanging out at "our place".

We are grateful and thankful to be able to take the time away from the homestead and home state and get a jump start on our tans in the warm sunny weather of the low country.

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Apr 14

What fun it was to meet you in Beaufort for lunch! A touch of home in the midst of our long journey :)

The mulch looks great. You have an amazing touch wherever you are!!

Wine & Whiskey
Wine & Whiskey
Apr 15
Replying to

It was great meeting up with you! The boat is beautiful! I wish we could see more of it on your blog. 😉 Mulching is my specialty, however, I usually use a rake to spread it, not a broom but it's all I had. LOL!!

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