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What day is it?

The week between Christmas and New Years has us asking "What day is it?". Holiday week started on Christmas Eve with us spending a quiet evening together enjoying seafood from the Wolfetrap Fish Market.

We started with clam stuffies and bacon wrapped scallops; both already prepared. Next up was shrimp oregano made by Whiskey following his mom's recipe.

The evening was relaxed and casual as we at by the fireplace and watched Christmas scenes from around the world on YouTube. As you can see in the gallery; Bell looks pretty comfy at the homestead.

After our lovely Christmas Eve our friends Mar*Mar came for Christmas. This was their first Christmas as official empty nesters as all of their children are now off with partners. In an effort to embrace this new phase of life they came to our little town.

Christmas dinner was prime rib which was once again perfectly cooked using the closed-door method. This roast was 7.5 pounds and was cooked to rare in two hours. Christmas day was also relaxed as we had dinner by candlelight, the fire, and tree lights.

I, Wine, have now become a bit obsessed with video clips and editing. I am still doing super simple videos. So much more to learn. Here's a Christmas dinner clip.

As the events, gatherings, and drinks (not all documented) kept coming we often had to remind ourselves what day of the week it was. Another day during the week took us to a friend's home for brunch. Day drinking started much earlier than usual on this day, whatever day that was. I brought my third and final batch of eggnog and the last plate of pierogies.

New Jersey transplants keep multiplying in our bubble. Our hosts, also with NJ roots, host brunch and they serve Taylor Ham (or is it pork roll?) and egg sandwiches. GH a long-time / almost native Wolfeboro resident serves up homemade crepes! Everything was tasty. Cheerful friends, delicious food, abundant beverages, and stunning views makes for a memorable experience.

I think we are now on day three of our holiday week; perhaps it is Wednesday? We pack the dogs, road snacks, and hot cider for our adventure to Jackson NH for a late lunch at Eagle Mountain House before a sleighride at Nestlenook Farm - Jackson NH.

And now for the sleighride with Mar*Mar. The weather was perfect for our "Hallmark movie". Light snow was falling, the air was crisp, and the temperature was not frigid. Champagne was flowing as we set off with our guide Seth and Chocolate the horse. We literally go over the river and through the woods. Come along for the ride.

The holiday week isn't over yet, I think today is Thursday, just two days before New Year's Eve. Ending this post here as Mar*Mar have headed back home, and Whiskey and I will catch up on our chores around the house. Then we will attempt to empty the fridge and pantry of the Christmas goodies so that we can make pretend to start 2023 eating less than the prior month.

Cheers to all of our friends and family near and far! See you in 2023.


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