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Priorities when prepping to leave is to have the rig packed and stocked. For this trip I made several loaves of sourdough including baguettes. I pack the freezer full of meats, bread, and ice, stock the fridge and cabinets with food, wine, and whiskey then we are ready to hit the road.

When we left NH on April 1st a nor'easter full of heavy wet snow was forecast. Our home is where the yellow dot is. We were glad this storm waited for us to leave.

I planned the trip to stay at three Harvest Hosts on our journey so we would have relaxed stays and shortened drive days. The first travel day was the longest going to Hershey PA.

We arrive at Hershey Antique Auto Museum | AACA Museum | Hershey, PA after the museum is closed and park near the grass and settle in for the night.

We tour the museum in the morning and get back on the road by 11:30am.

The main exhibit at museum is muscle cars. Video will be coming soon. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the notification bell to stay up to date on our videos.

Overnight stay #2 is near Richmond VA at James River Cellars Winery. Nearby friends met up with us for wine and then drove us to dinner because we didn't want to unhook the Jeep.

For dinner, we went to INDUSTRIAL TAPHOUSE – Classic American Eats and Exceptional Brews where they were hosting Singo: Singo Music Bingo. This turned out to be really fun. Song clips are played, and you cross off the song if it is on your "bingo" card. We used the Shazam app to identify the songs (totally legal and not cheating!).

After dinner we hung out in the mobile condo for a bit. Fun times!

Next up is North Carolina where we stay at Lu Mil Vinyard in Elizabethtown. We stayed there once before in 2021. See it here: Harvest Hosts - Part 2 - Lu Mil Vineyards

Nothing has changed since our last visit. It is a beautiful property.

We are able to enjoy a warm evening outside overlooking some of the vineyard. During this time, the snowstorm at home was gearing up for a major dump of snow.

While we were experiencing a lovely sunrise, we could see the snow piling up at home from our Wyze cameras. While checking in I could see the lilac bush's broken branches. But the birds were still feeding from the suet blocks. Fortunately, we did not lose power for more than five minutes.

It was still snowing at home as we were rolling into to Hilton Head. Our neighbors kept in touch, and all was well. We enjoyed watching our neighbor deal with the snow removal in our shared driveway (Whiskey is usually the plow guy).

We are currently settled in at the motorcoach resort and we love our site.

Follow us on Instagram to see what we are up to and exploring while in the low country.

Thanks for reading and watching. Now I've got to get out in the sunshine and start tanning the skin!

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Kevin Mills
Kevin Mills

Lots of trees down, We never lost power🙂 Hope you guys have a lot of fun!!!!!!

Kevin Mills
Kevin Mills


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