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UTV - How have we lived without this?!!

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

New wheels! (and worst year for geraniums ever - see hanging plant -it has been composted)

Our reason for finally getting this cool Kubota UTV was because the road to our rental cottage (abuts our home property - as seen in the snowmobiling video) has been closed every weekday from 7am - 5pm since mid-June due to a water and sewer line replacement. This was going to be a nightmare for rental guests. So we were "forced" to buy the UTV so guests could park in our back yard and cruise through the woods on the UTV. Well, it was a hit! Guests loved it! When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

Here I (Wine) am driving the wheels down to load up for cottage turnover.

Whiskey has found amazing ways to use this versatile machine. Check it out. Moving buckets of stone, maneuvering the boat trailer, pulling the log splitter, and transporting laundry, supplies, and trash to and from the cottage.

Ok, so not terribly exciting, but it's been fun. This UTV has been a great help moving stuff around, tackling garden projects, and moving firewood around.

This will be a great vehicle for going back and forth to the cottage even during the winter. Soon we won't have to share with cottage guests since the road project is wrapping up by mid-September.

We thank the Town of Wolfeboro for the water and sewer replacement and road rebuilding. It was long overdue. Our little bubble has great Town employees have kept us updated on the project.

Next up, wait till you see what is happening in the Barn Lounge! Big changes! I'll post on it in more detail when it starts to look like something. The biggest aspect so far is that the third floor was removed and the wood salvaged to use in the new finished area being created. The bats are soon going to have to find a new place to reside.

The Barn Lounge will be out of commission for a while. During this heat, we don't miss it anyway. Way too hot.

Life is what you make of it! Make yours the best it can be!

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