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Winter Wonderland

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

This is the trail to the cottage.

January was a dud for winter fun since all of the snow was gone. February turned that around by continuously blanketing our area with snow. That spurred me to invite friends to visit our "guest" cottage (It is a summer vacation rental adjacent to our home) to work remotely by day and then meet up for fun when work is done. Here are photos of the time together.

We had a lot of meals together. It was fun to host and be hosted.

Here are shots of some of the food.

Cram in some work.

Then on to playing in the snow!

M&M sledding down from the Cottage on Valentines' Day.

The guys had a snowmobile day while the ladies had a power lunch! These shots are from sledding on Wolfeboro Bay. Bob houses in the background.

Evenings by candlelight and fire were a relaxing way to unwind.

Now for a video of the snowmobile ride back and forth to the cottage.

The side yard that leads to the cottage.
Rocky is still alive and well!

Life is what you make of it! Be positive, have fun, embrace change, and be flexible.

A ride on the sled to the guest cottage.

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