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Thanksgiving 2022

Our Thanksgiving was spent in NJ this year. First, we stayed overnight in Cranford at Wine's dad's and step-mom's. Then to Spring Lake at the coast at Whiskey's mom's.

Wine spent a lot of time cooking. But that's okay. I needed to keep myself busy as I adjust to life without my beloved Homer and crazy bulldog JJ; it has been tough. We miss them terribly. It is nice to have Little Guy, but he is such a docile quiet dog that does not desire tons of attention, pets, and definitely not hugs and kisses.

I made this LONG video of our time in NJ. I'm learning a new video editor program so I thought I would practice with the many, many clips to create one video. I don't expect you to watch it in its entirety.

This was our first trip without our full dog pack, and it was weird. The black dog in the gallery is my sister's dog Skippy; he's sweet. The little dog is Chase; he's the dog of a former client turned friend that retired back to NJ near Whiskey's mom's. This is the first dog that Little Guy met that is smaller than him.

We are back in our little bubble and will now get into the festive Christmas spirit and carry on with holiday cheer.

A big thank you to all of our friends and family for your cards, flowers, texts, and emails to share your condolences on the passing of our Homer and JJ; it meant a lot.

Happy holiday Christmas season to all!!





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