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Back in our Bubble

Updated: May 2

After 2400 miles and four weeks away from home, we arrived back in our bubble on Saturday the 27th. Our travels were safe, but still peppered with traffic jams which caused longer travel times. This was all once we hit Virginia. The northeast is just so crowded, and the roads are atrocious. It is amazing that our rig is not missing any parts after driving the highways.

Upon arrival, we had to get out the pole chainsaw and start cutting broken branches (the aftermath of the April 4th snowstorm) to clear the path to get the motorhome parked.

The following day we had to cut broken branches all around creating a large pile. The bright side is that I have an abundance of branches for my next dead hedge.

We did the drive home in three days with overnights outside of Richmond, VA, and Eastern PA on the NY border. Gallery of our travels. Not terribly exciting, but safe and direct. We didn't have to unhook the Jeep till we got to Wolfeboro.

Now we are back home and gearing up for gardening, work trips, boating, and more. Stay tuned!

Bye for now!

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