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Harvest Hosts - Part 2 - Lu Mil Vineyards & Bellview Winery

Camp Chairs Set Up Facing the Sunset At Lu Mil Vineyards

Making our way home from Hilton Head was an adventure. Our goal is to make the travel a part of the vacation instead of just hammering down to drive, drive, drive. Especially since we were both driving vehicles.

After departing Hilton Head we had a four hour drive to Lu Mil Vineyard in Elizabethtown North Carolina. This host has rave reviews on Harvest Hosts (RV Camping at Wineries, Breweries, Farms & More with Harvest Hosts) so it was an easy choice. Wow, what a wonderful place. Much more than a vineyard. They are well-loved in their community as they host family friendly events year round.

Lu Mil Offers 10 Sites with Electric and Water for $30

Lu Mil has jumped into HH with gusto. After six weeks of being a host they added power stands and water hook-ups for ten RV sites! They charge $30 for this; if you don't want power that's ok, you don't have to hook-up. They have a dump station as well which can be used for no charge. So if you are on the road and stay at Lu Mil it is a great boondock stop where you can park for the night and then dump your tanks after a few days on the road.

We arrived around 2PM which gave us a relaxed afternoon to enjoy the beautiful weather, walk the doggies, have a wine tasting, and tour the grounds. There were seven other RVers that night. It was great. We chatted with several of them. Since the property is so expansive the RVers are spread out so it is spacious and quiet.

This is a gallery of photos from our time at the vineyard. The grounds are meticulous. Even their "junk" is neat and orderly; it's an outdoor museum.

A video of the grounds and outdoor display of antiques.

After a two night stay in Virginia Beach, and a ferry ride from Delaware to Cape May NJ (more on these in a future post) we arrived at Bellview Winery.

Bellview Winery - Nice Grassy Spot

Bellview Winery, located in Landisville NJ, was a wonderful place to end our three week trip. It was quiet, and very relaxed since we were the only RVer there.

The travel from Virginia Beach including the ferry ride put us at a 4:30 arrival at the winery. In addition to the late arrival one of our doggies had a tummy ache and needed to get settled down. Therefore, we didn't do a wine tasting. Instead, I chose bottles of wine with the assistance of the host.

On the menu for dinner that evening was meatballs so I got the Jersey Devil


This is the gallery of our stay at the winery:

Being a member of Harvest Hosts has made travel fun. Choosing hosts along the way of our travel route allows us to experience places other than campgrounds for overnight stays.

If you are an RVer, we highly recommend becoming a member if you travel. If you don't do long trips you can choose Harvest Host locations near you and have a destination for one or two nights.

Not all hosts are wineries. There are distilleries, breweries, farms, attractions, and golf courses. So many options to make for a unique destination. On our list locally is the Cog Railway, that will be a neat place to spend the day and evening.

Screenshot from Member View on Harvest Hosts

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