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Updated: Aug 3, 2021

It is easy to live in a tiny space, if you are organized and keep things simple. After completing a three week trip (our longest) Whiskey and I still like each other. Here's how we do it.

Mobile Condo

This is our home on wheels when we are traveling and vacationing. The kitchen is tiny, but I can still cook good food. Having ample outdoor space is a huge plus providing room to spread out and not be cramped inside, except on rainy days. This last trip provided a really nice outdoor patio and beautiful weather so we spent most of our time outdoors

Laundry: Doing laundry on the road is necessary and done at the RV resort or campground. Since I hang dry a lot of my tops I had them hanging in the cab. No drying racks were permitted at a recent RV resort so I used the cab passenger seat to put my drying rack for smaller items and bathing suit drying.

I don't mind doing laundry at all. It is fast when you can get multiple washers to do couple or three loads at once.

Tip: Hangers with felt covering are perfect for motorhomes; it keeps clothes on the hangers when traveling down the road.

Groceries: I load up the mobile condo with enough food as possible before we depart. Grocery shopping is made easy once we were settled by using the Walmart app. I made my online order as I do at home, and I did curbside pick-up. This is one side-effect I really like about the changes due to Covid. (Hilton Head Island has strict rules on signage and trees - you can barely see the Wal-Mart)

When not used for dining we use the dinette for our laptops and hanging out to watch TV.

Dishes: Washing dishes is done by hand. I typically don't use paper plates so I have to wash dishes. It's really no big deal. I chose our rig because of the large single sink. I use a wash basin to soak dishes then I just rinse and dry on a mat. It is simple and an efficient use of space.

The Bed: The most challenging part of RV life is the bed. It is difficult to make it because you have to climb on the bed to make it. And the sheets are never tight because the mattress is a non-standard size and thickness due to the folding to accommodate the slide. Getting into the bed is also an exercise because ours is in the slide with walls on the sides.

Watch the video to see the acrobatics needed to make the bed. It literally starts off slow then accelerates. (Now Whiskey can see how the bed is made, because he has never seen it done before in it's entirety.)

After this last trip I think I may splurge on a Beddy set. Beddy's Sets ( They make sets that use the sleeping bag concept, which will eliminate the need to climb on the bed daily to make the bed, and make sheet changing much easier.

There is much effort involved to plan, pack, and be in the mobile condo, but it is so worth it. If we didn't have the rig we would not be going anywhere since we have three dogs. We love that we can pack up our home in the driveway and then head out for short and extended trips with everything we need. It is fantastic.

We are still living a life we don't need a vacation from. Life is adventure!

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Mia Ziemniak
Mia Ziemniak
May 13, 2021

Awww, the Teema throw/shawl/towel meshes perfectly with your aesthetic! Love these posts. Very informative.

Wine & Whiskey
Wine & Whiskey
May 13, 2021
Replying to

Thank you!! It's tough to get that bed and accent throw "perfect". 🤣

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