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Garden Update: A Bounty of Growth and Happiness

As the sun warms the soil and the days grow longer, my garden has become a thriving oasis of greenery and flavors. I realize that my gardens are small potatoes compared to those of established well curated gardens, but I'm still very pleased with the progress this season. Here's a peek into the latest updates from my little patch of earth:

Herb Garden Delights:

My herb garden is an absolute delight this season. Lavender, mint, parsley, sage, tarragon, and oregano are flourishing beyond expectations. The oregano, in particular, has been a star with its robust aroma and flavor, adding depth to every dish it graces. Since there is an abundance of oregano, I have added sprigs of it to floral arrangements.

Mint grows very well, and I enjoy it in a variety of ways, sprigs in cold water, in mojitos, and as an herb in savory dishes. Mint also works in floral arrangements as it stays upright and offers a large leaf as a compliment to delicate flowers.

Garlic Galore:

Garlic bulbs planted in October have taken off, and I recently harvested the scapes to make a delicious pesto. The scapes’ mild garlic flavor blended perfectly with olive oil, creates a vibrant green sauce that is very flavorful. Harvesting the garlic bulbs late summer will be the biggest reward.

Berry Blessings:

My blueberry bushes are slowly but surely ripening their sweet treats, promising a summer of juicy rewards although my yield will likely be only a small bowlful. Meanwhile, the elderberry bushes are adorned with numerous blossoms, hinting at a potential harvest of elderberries later in the season.

Rooting for Onions:

Onions have been steadily growing, their green tops waving in the breeze as they develop into future harvest treasures. Their presence in the garden ensures a staple ingredient for many culinary creations to come.

Squash and Pumpkin Progress:

Starting butternut squash and pumpkin from saved seeds has been a rewarding endeavor. These robust plants are now thriving, their enlarging leaves are reaching out and promising a fall filled with a bountiful harvest.

New Garden Beds:

I recently created new garden beds where I've transplanted Hosta. Although the deer have been enjoying this new addition as if were a summer salad. Soon, I'll be planting a lovely dogwood tree, which I can't wait to see bloom and bring structure and a vertical element to the backyard. It's exciting to watch this space transform and envision how it will become a serene and picturesque part of the outdoor sanctuary. I have sketched out an overall concept of the planting areas to keep me on track.

A Happy Gardener:

With each passing day, I find myself immersed in the beauty and productivity of my garden and developing landscape. The daily routine of tending to plants, watching them grow, and harvesting their bounty fills me with joy and a connection our little plot of land. There’s something magical about nurturing a seedling into a flourishing plant, knowing that every leaf, flower, and fruit is a testament to patience, care, and the wonders of the natural world.

In conclusion, my garden journey this season has been a source of immense satisfaction and happiness. It’s not just about the herbs, vegetables, and berries—it’s about the process, the lessons learned, and the joy of creating something from the earth’s abundance. As I continue to tend to my garden, I look forward to the coming weeks and months filled with flavorsome harvests and the simple pleasures of being a gardener. Going from a non-gardener to an obsessed gardener in the span of two years has been a surprise to me as I never thought I would be gardener.


Elderberry Blossom

Herb Garden



Oregano & Sage

Herb Garden


Elderberry Bush





Shasta Daisy

Butternut & Buttercup Squash and Pumkin

Butternut Squash and Onions

Flower garden with deadhedge "fence". The brown jar has deer repellent in it. I used fall leaves for mulch.

Bell showing you the iris.

Squash and pumpkin leaves growing.

Goats Beard



Okay, that's enough for now. Thanks for browsing the photos of my garden progress. 🌸

Read and see how my garden obsession started when I created the herb garden the summer of 2023.

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2 comentarios

26 jun

Nice work Wine!! Looks amazing. Welcome to the world of gardening. So extremely satisfying!


Me gusta
Wine & Whiskey
Wine & Whiskey
27 jun
Contestando a

Thank you Terry! It is satisfying when all goes well. 😃

Me gusta
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