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RV Life - Cooking on the Road

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

The Griddle

The Blackstone griddle has greatly enhanced our cooking experience while on the road. It has enabled us to cook outside the entire time we were in Hilton Head in April. What I liked about that is that I could avoid the cooking mess inside.

During our three week road trip most of our breakfast, lunch, and dinners (when not dining out) were cooked on the griddle. I highly recommend adding a Blackstone griddle to your rig if you are at all considering it. I avoided it for a long while because it is so heavy. You may have to make adjustments to comply with your cargo capacity.

We left the griddle set-up on the Coleman camp table the duration of our time at the site. I highly recommend the griddle but suggest getting the model with a cover / hood.

[The small propane cans are a trash problem. They can not be recycled. I learned from an RV podcaster that you can run the griddle from the propane quick-connect on the rig, or from a larger grill propane tank. Blackstone Propane Adapter Hose-5471 - The Home Depot We will be doing this to move away from the little propane cans.]

I used the crockpot also to make a pork shoulder which cooked all day while we were out and about. I may have to replace it with a pressure cooker that I see other RVers using; it looks like it does more than a crockpot.

Cooking on the road doesn't have to be complicated. And one doesn't have to cook and freeze stuff to hit the road. I find it easier to cook fresh because doing a lot of food prep ahead of departure is too time consuming.

Here are photos of cooking while on the road.

My tips for cooking on the road - if you are an omnivore like us.

  • Burgers, chops, and steak are quick and easy. They can be cooked over the campfire directly on the flame or in a cast iron skillet. Cook in cast iron skillet inside the rig, and / or directly on the Blackstone griddle.

  • Fresh or frozen veggies are quick and easy to sauté either inside or outside in a skillet or small pot. I bought several bags of frozen veggies to make for quick cooking and eliminate the need to stop for fresh while traveling.

  • Load up on chops and burgers and stock the freezer.

  • Canned and jarred food essentials: diced tomatoes, beans, and tomato sauce. These are good to add to dishes.

  • Frozen ravioli. It's a quick and easy item to cook and makes for a nice side dish.

  • Pick up fresh seafood when able and cook the same day.

  • Keep your rig stocked with olive oil and spices.

  • Butter is your friend, it makes veggies taste better.

  • I always bring garlic cloves and russet potatoes and hang in the mesh bag. Potatoes are so versatile: mashed, hashed, and sautéed. All quick and easy.

Please share your RV cooking tips. Are you an Instant Pot cooker? Do I need to get one?

Go here for my post on "In the RV Kitchen".

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