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Off Season in Bar Harbor - Camden - Rockport

Bar Harbor

Whiskey had a work assignment in Sorrento Maine which is just north of Bar Harbor. This is four hours from home; we planned an overnight excursion. In the off season in Maine, it is challenging to park overnight in the motorhome. After a bit of research and now that we now only have one little dog we stayed at a dog-friendly hotel (dog-friendly means 30 pounds or less).

Whiskey had to inspect a burned-up dump truck. I hung out in the rig while he worked. Love having our mobile condo. It is great for work and leisure travel even though we didn't sleep overnight in it.

Little Guy is sadly still limping due to his injury inflicted upon him from our departed JJ. We take him downtown Camden in a backpack because he isn't walking too well. You can see more in the video. He doesn't seem too fond of the backpack. LOL!

A gallery of shots from our trip. Click on a photo to open a slide show.

Video Tour:

We visited Bar Harbor in October 2021 during peak fall season check it out here. Bar Harbor Walk About (


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