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Make Your Own Fun

We are into 2021 with not much change to the "stay safe" protocol. Not wanting to go stir crazy we are making our own fun despite feeling a little isolated since we are not doing long distance travel for a couple of months.

The key for us is to get out and about. A day trip to Meredith with the doggies was refreshing. Walking the dogs by Meredith Bay on a sunny day gave all a change of scenery. Followed that with a meet up with friends for drinks and apps at Lake House Grille at Church Landing. Our server was super friendly and social, it was really fun.

From there we went to Lago for an early dinner. Our server there was also very social and friendly. It was really nice to have enthusiastic staff to greet us and treat us so nicely.

We were home by 7:00 to make for a nice day out and home early to get the woodstove restocked and settle in for a relaxing evening.

Another way to make our own fun is to have a campfire. As a Christmas gift to ourselves we got the medium size Solo Stove called Bonfire. A frothy White Russian is a perfect fireside cocktail.

Ski day trips (like last winter) may not be in the cards for 2021. The protocol for ski tickets is weird, like many things in this alternative reality. Our mobile condo (aka RV) is sitting idle, which are sad about.

Since the fall we have had a stray rooster take up residence outside our house. We call him Rocky. He is getting to a bit demanding. LOL!

We try to make each day fun with good food and relaxing time by the fire.

As of right now, mid January 2021 we have no snow. This is sad since we love snow and had an amazing snowfall in December. Here are photos of that.

Instagram was getting boring, and becoming a distraction from doing something productive so I (Wine) deleted the app and am no longer posting to our account there. My plan is to share more here on our blog, which not many people read. It doesn't bother me, I (Wine, usually always Wine writing these posts) do it for my own enjoyment.

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You have the power to create the life you desire. Make 2021 fabulous, and make your own fun!

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