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Winter RV Day Trips

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Bretton Woods - Mount Washington in the Background

We reside in New Hampshire which means our rig is winterized in October and stays that way until we travel to warmer weather, which typically isn’t until March. The winterization does not stop us from enjoying the coach.

Having three dogs requires planning if we go out for the day. Instead of having a doggie sitter we take the dogs and use the RV for travel. Because we have everything we need in the rig we can make the most out of the day and accommodate the dogs needs.

New Hampshire has great skiing. “Whiskey” skis, I don’t. So that is another reason why the RV makes for a great vehicle for day trips for skiing. The lodge at the ski areas in NH are giant locker rooms, in my opinion. So as a non-skier they aren’t cozy or comfortable for just hanging around to read or watch the skiers.

I can enjoy the coziness and comfort of our rig, make steaming hot tea, work on my laptop, read, walk the doggies, listen to music, watch a movie, etc. It is absolutely wonderful! Whiskey comes in for lunch and beer and then heads back to the mountain for more runs.

After the skiing, Whiskey can take a quick nap and then we can head home, or stop and have dinner on the way. There is always a place that has a big parking lot where we can easily park our Class C.

In case you were wondering, when the rig is winterized, we use the toilet as normal but flush with antifreeze. For water, we rely on bottled water. Paper plates are staple at this time also. I use vinegar spray and paper towels to wash utensils and glassware.

Here are photos of our winter day trip travels.

Here is a video of our day trip to Wildcat.

Video of Bretton Woods

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