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Historic Charm of Abingdon VA

I learned about Abingdon from Garden and Gun magazine. The article's main feature is the Virginia Creeper Trail. Although we are not bicycle enthusiasts the story of the town piqued my interest. Coincidently, Abingdon is located on the route we drive from NH to Knoxville (our destination for a fall conference) and I made it a destination.

A map for the self-guided walking tour is informative as one walks along the main street. We brought Bell along and enjoyed a leisurely stroll in delightful weather.

This is a gallery of a few shots I took along the main street. We were there on a Tuesday morning in October so there were hardly any other people walking around. This made it easy to capture photos of the houses and buildings. A video will be created and uploaded to our YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell. Thank you.

After our walking tour, friends we made in Hilton Head drove to Abingdon from their home in North Carolina to visit with us at our campsite. Here is D and A at our campsite before we go for dinner. We are huddled in the mobile home shadow because it was a blazing hot day in the sun.

The Tavern, a restaurant in the oldest building in Abingdon, built in 1779, is our dining destination. To our delight, there is a very large outdoor dining area, and we are able to enjoy the warm weather and delicious food while dining with our NC friends.

Our time in Abingdon was two nights and one day. We made the most of our day in town and feel as though there is much to do for a multi-day stay. I don't expect to get back to this area in the near future, but I can easily recommend it to you as a place to visit if you are in that part of the country.

If you'd like to see more shots from our campsite in Abingdon, click here.

As always, thank you for reading my blog post. More posts and video will be coming soon. At the time of this publication, we are still away from home.

Upcoming posts will include Bristol VA, Knoxville TN, Lexington KY, visits with my sisters at two locations in Ohio, then on to the Thousand Islands area of NY.

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