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First Trip with the Toad

First two legs of our trip totaling 950 miles is in the books. Driving with the toad was an adjustment especially when getting fuel because we cannot go in reverse. This means that we get one shot to get through a fueling station. To do so, we use Maps to look at options then look at them in satellite and street view. This way we can see the layout and if diesel is available.

Our overall trip is shown in the map. The first two legs were intentionally long so that we could get closer to Knoxville in two overnight locations.

First stop is a Smoking Ace's a BBQ place, a Harvest Hosts located in Grantville, PA. Since we got on the road by 7am we arrived around 4pm. We made great time which was amazing for travel in the northeast. To average 55 miles per hour is a miracle. There were no traffic back-ups or drama, also a miracle.

Fuel usage of 11.8 miles per gallon was pretty good. Our usual is around 12.6-8; having a tow vehicle did not drop the mpg significantly. That was a nice surprise. In the travel from PA to Virginia, the miles per hour increased since the speed limit is 70; this brought down our miles per gallon to 11. There are also lots of hills on that stretch.

I, Wine, was not looking forward to driving the rig with the added length of the toad. The Jeep cannot be seen in the mirrors, seen only in the rear camera. This makes changing lanes and merging stressful. Driving on the packed highways with lots of tractor trailers and crazy fast drivers makes for a stressful drive.

I had the misfortune to drive the route from 81 to RV campground on a twisty-turny country road with NO shoulder and a ditch instead. There is no room for error; add a local riding my ass and my hands were sweating. But I made it. Needed a martini after that ride.

Video of Part One of our October trip.

Once parked and settled in we relaxed in the warm sunshine overlooking the water.

Coming up next is Abingdon Virginia then Knoxville. Until then, we'll be out and about. Thanks for reading and watching!

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