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Hey, this car has a kitchen!

Bell learned on her first motorhome trip that there is a kitchen on board. As soon as we parked at the work assignment, the kitchen was put to use, and she was ready to eat.

Whiskey got a work assignment in the Hartford Connecticut area, and this created the opportunity to get Bell her first motorhome overnight experience. Bell rides great in the car and adapted right away to the motorhome. This was a major requirement when inquiring about Bell before adopting. Thankfully her description has been accurate, and she is all that her foster mom said she is.

Bell was comfortable under the dinette table but soon realized that she wanted to be up in the front where were. After a three-and-a-half-hour drive, once we parked at the work assignment, I heated up lunch and then we walked around the site while Whiskey worked.

We have to assume with each destination that Bell has got to be wondering if this is where she is going to be handed off or left. Due to the length of time she was in the system moving from Mississippi then to Tennessee, then on to NH. There was a lot of moving, changing, and uncertainty.

Each new stop during this trip we were hoping she would realize that the motorhome is a safe place, her place, to return to. She seemed to get that after day two; but she was / is still hesitant about walking up the steps. Routine will help gain her confidence in the steps.

After the work assignment, a visit to a burned building containing commercial vehicles, we stayed overnight at a Harvest Host location, John Fitch Distillery. Winter months in New England has less options for overnight RV parking than summer. Finding an open and welcoming HH right near the work assignment was lucky.

Once we parked and got the rig settled, we went to the tasting room for cocktails. The atmosphere was cozy and friendly. The cocktails on the menu were creative and interesting.

The two bartenders were engaging and light-hearted. It was a nice, relaxed evening.

Having Harvest Hosts as an overnight location is convenient. The locations are often highly illuminated at night, especially in commercial or industrial areas. John Fitch Distillery was no exception. The parking lot was as bright as daylight. Fortunately, I made room darkening covers for the windows to keep our interior dark enough for sleeping.

After cocktails we "walked home" then I prepared dinner. Now Bell is really seeing how great this car is. Another meal to smell and taste.

Since we were boondocking and the rig is winterized, I used one pot on the gas stove to heat up pot-roast; paper plates are in order to make clean-up as easy as possible since I am not able to wash dishes in the sink with water. This also requires a bit of planning ahead. When I have enough notice for these work assignment trips, I make ahead a few things so that I don't have to do much prep in the kitchen. If the trip is a short one, I will wipe out the containers and put them in the fridge for washing when I get home.

Over coffee the following morning, which is a Saturday, we decide to take a route home that avoided the highway. This put Springfield Massachusetts on the way. Whiskey remember that he had wanted to visit the Springfield Armory Museum "someday". That day was today. Whiskey wrote a blog post about the visit. I put my photos there, so I omit them in this post.

The armory visit was more in and out of the vehicle; more practice for Bell to see that we go in and out of the rig often. She still is unsure about the steps, eventually she'll get it.

She is the type of dog that gets in the front seat and will await your return. She is very good while we are gone; she just watches then naps.

After the armory stop, we meander up through MA and then into Peterborough NH. Peterborough is not on the way to and from the places we travel so I've never been through the town.

It is a pretty little town on a river with cute shops and a path along the river. I venture into Bowerbird & Friends Antique shop.

The style of the shop is right up my alley, authentic country furnishings in a relaxed creative space. I am no longer a shopper; my home is full; I don't need another thing. However, I did enjoy browsing.

While in the shop Whiskey realized that Bell was watching the entrance like a hawk for me to return. Sigh. I have been trying not to be the primary human. But as a good friend said, "Kinda hard to outdo mommy in the kitchen, but good luck to him [Whiskey]." So, Whiskey will now be doing all of the cooking so that he can be Bell's primary human.

In conclusion, January 2023 is chugging along. The mobile office / condo is fueled up and the propane topped off; we are ready for our next work assignment location. This is keeping us spontaneous and exploring new areas in our own backyard.

Thanks for reading and watching!


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Jan 10, 2023

Hi! Here is the link to the campground we like a lot! The best sites are 26, NN and 17 but truly all of them are wonderful.

Your dogs are both adorable. Can you imagine being Bell and Keen, working so hard to learn all the new things in their lives?

Wine & Whiskey
Wine & Whiskey
Jan 10, 2023
Replying to

Thank you! Glad to hear you are a camper too. Keen and Bell are working to learn.

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