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Here, There, There & There

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Of course there's a lobster on a roof! It's Maine! On our drive from Bailey Island to Wiscasset we pass Taste of Maine restaurant in Woolrich. Time did not allow for us to stop so this shot was captured as we drive by.

Our travels featured in this post take us from the Maine coast, back home, and then to northern Vermont. I share these posts because our work travels take us off of the beaten path to places that one might plan to go to; and hopefully that is interesting to some that read our posts.

Our trip in this post starts with an overnight at Chewonki Campground that was very peaceful. It's located in Wiscasset on the tidal inlet of Montsweag Bay in Mid-Coast Maine. We are not fans of standard campgrounds that line up sites right next to one another so this one with the grassy sites spread out is really appealing to us.

In the section we are parked there are no trees. In the intense sun this might not be the best spot because I assume it would be hot, unless there are breezes coming up from the marsh inlet.

It was overcast weather while we were there, so we were not able to spend the evening outside. However, the views from our windows were lovely.

Fortunately, we really like our motorhome and are very comfortable inside. Even when there is a doggie taking up the entire bench seat behind me.

The following morning, we go to a work assignment with a truck collection. After which we go to Brickyard Hollow Brewery. We had the MAINE BLUEBERRIES, RICOTTA, ROASTED SHALLOT, LEMON ZEST Pizza. So good, excellent combination of flavors!

Willy has embraced being on the kitchen counter when the screen door viewing is not an option. The hostess at the restaurant got a kick out of seeing our cat in the RV window. Willy doesn't know that cats live on sailboats; at least he is now a traveling cat getting to see new sights.

We leave Maine and go back home for two nights before traveling to Fairfax Vermont for another work assignment. This break between trips is good; I can restock with rig with new provisions, swap out the clothes, do a bit of laundry, and tend to outside plants at home. (Watering not needed since it had been raining every day.)

Fairfax Vermont is three and a half hours from home. I do the driving so Whiskey can do paperwork. An inverter for laptop power and a mobile hotspot makes doing paperwork on the road for hours possible.

There are no photos of the assignment location because Whiskey was picked up from the office parking lot and was taken to a quarry for vehicle inspection because the road to which was not motorhome friendly.

After work was complete, we drive towards Morrisville where we are staying overnight. On the route is a Boydon Valley Wine & Spirts. This is not a Harvest Hosts, but it should be. In any case, we enjoy a tasting of a few wines and spirits in addition to their bourbon barrel aged maple syrup. Wow, that syrup is delicious!

The tasting room is in a restored and updated barn. It is well done.

We are living in a golden era of wine and spirits! Before Harvest Hosts we didn't pay much attention to all of these independent wine and distillery makers now they are on our radar (and Google Maps).

Our overnight stay is at Rock Art Brewery. We don't love breweries because we are not big into beers; the beer does not agree with Whiskey's gut. And I just don't like beer. Fortunately, the brewery offers flavorful hard seltzers. When at HH locations, the deal is that as members we patronize the businesses hosting our stays. This brewery also has art, crafts, and merch. So I bought a few little things as well.

The weather was once again misty and not conducive to sitting outside. While prepping for dinner Whiskey plugged the TV into a portable battery pack / inverter and got a local digital channel out of Burlington. After that we screen mirror from our phones and watch anything we can find digitally. Technology is pretty cool when it works and there is cell coverage.


Inverters are important for boondocking. We have two of the smaller inverters, one in the cab, and one in the coach. The one in the coach keeps the cordless vacuum charged. When parked I use it to run a fan to keep air moving in the rig, and to blow on my head all night. 😁This inverter also keeps our phones charged.


We're not done yet with this trip. The route we plan from Morrisville, VT to home will take us through Littleton NH where we will stop at the Freehouse Taproom. But before lunch, Whiskey wants to finish a report and get it sent via email.

I find Remich Park in-town Littleton. This is a great spot! Good cell service and a nice park for a doggie walk.

The park has a playground, a walking trail around the park, ball fields, and a pool.

It is a very active and nice park located right in downtown Littleton.

Once Whiskey gets his paperwork done and we do another loop around the park, we are off to lunch.

The Freehouse Taproom is located on the river in Littleton. The key for us is to get there early so we can get a parking spot for the rig.

We love the large bar at the taproom. When not too busy we can usually have conversation with bartenders and get a bit of local insight where ever we go.

On this day, which was a Friday before the July 4th week, we don't lallygag our way home. We just get straight to the destination so that we don't encounter any traffic issues. Although traveling south from Littleton we don't expect to have major problems.

We covered a lot of ground in a few days. Once home, we settle in for the July 4th week. New Hampshire is now packed with tourists and will plan future trips with this in mind.

Thanks for reading! I plan to make a video of this trip which includes Whiskey's cocktail shaker dance, Bell playing at the campground, the sailboat ride, and more.


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As always, thanks for the info you share. We were talking about getting an inverter the other day.

Wine & Whiskey
Wine & Whiskey

The inverters are really great. Go with 300 watt min. 500 watt is better.

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