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Cats on a Sailboat

On a recent trip to Maine, we learn that cats live on sailboats. Perhaps it is to keep rats and seagulls from coming aboard. Two cats live aboard a Bailey Island schooner; they seem to like their home that does daily charters.

As Harvest Hosts members we tried to go to Sea Escape Cottages last year, but their availability did not work for our schedules. This year I chose an open date and then planned a trip around that.

We stayed one night at the cottages lot and then Whiskey went on a three-hour sailboat ride the following day. I chose not to partake because I wasn't sure what the weather would be like and I didn't want to be on a sailboat for three hours. LOL!! It turned out to be a win-win situation. Whiskey enjoyed a sailboat ride on an overcast day, and I enjoyed a few hours of relaxation, reading, and napping.

But before we take you on the sailboat excursion, let's start at Cook's Lobster and Ale House. We were there in March for the first time when it was chilly and grey; this visit was blue skies and warm weather.

Cocktails and food do not disappoint at Cook's. Service is friendly and attentive. We highly recommend a visit if you are ever in the area.

After a lovely lunch and tasty cocktails we head over to Sea Escape Cottages for the evening. But really, it was only around 3pm.

We allowed plenty of time to enjoy our time on Baily Island and the Harvest Hosts location.

Our afternoon at the cottages was full on sun which was really nice since we have had rain for days and days. We were greeted by Les, the owner of the cottages property. He was on his beloved John Deere tractor and I wish I took his photo. Go here for to see the family that maintains this little slice of heaven on the Maine coast.

Les escorted us to our parking area and welcomed us to tour the property and spend time on the lawn and deck which we did. From the photos the property does not look steep, but it is! We got a workout walking the hill. And we didn't dare walk the steep stairs to the ocean. Meanwhile, Les was on his tractor cutting grass chatting with us as we passed by.

After the property walk, we settled in for the afternoon and evening, have cocktails, snacks, feed the pets, and make dinner. The sun was hot, which we were happy to embrace since we have missed the sun for days and days.

From our spot we can see the water and watch boats. All we could hear were birds and boats; it was very relaxing. As you can see, Willy has become quite comfortable with his RV life. I'm not sure he would take to boating.

The following day was overcast skies, but not raining. This was fine for the sailboat ride. I was glad that I was not going because I would not have enjoyed that. Before the sailing, we drive to the tip of Bailey Island to go to Land's End Gift Shop. I'm not one for gift shopping, but the location was enticing.

Fortunately, the parking lot was large enough for us to maneuver. The shop had just about everything. We got a catnip toy for Willy, a moose toy for Bell, and fudge for us. Another win-win situation.

Now on to sailing, which was the main reason for planning the trip to Bailey Island.

All aboard were dressed for cool damp weather.

Here is short video from aboard. Whiskey recorded several clips which I will use to make a longer video of the trip; I will post that when complete.

Here's a shot from my perspective while Whiskey gets a shot from his.

After the sailing is over, we travel to Wiscasset to stay overnight at a campground. Then a work assignment is scheduled for the following morning. So, we were able to mix a very mini vacation into a work trip. This RVing thing is working out great!


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