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Collection or Junk?

Updated: Jul 5

When on a recent work assignment in Maine, we discover that there is a collection of trucks on the property. Neatly arrange and lined up are hundreds of antique vehicles on the large parcel of land.

This collection is not a junk yard, it is organized and appears specific. However, the vehicles are not protected from the elements or are being cared for. So what's the point? As a non-collector, I, Wine, find it interesting that people collect things. What's difference between collecting and hoarding? I read some articles to understand the difference, links are below.

Let's see more. Click a photo to open a slide show to see the wider shot.

In contrast to this neglected collection is a museum in Virginia that we visited in April. And, as a matter of fact, the owner of this Maine collection knows the owner of the Virginia museum.

What say you? I think this is a collection. But eventually it might just be junk that will be crushed and carted off for scrap. I'm thankful that Whiskey collects small things. 😁


Hoarders Versus Collectors | Psychology Today

When Collecting Becomes Hoarding -

Boys with toys: What is it with men collecting stuff? | The Independent | The Independent

The Impulse of Collecting- Why Do People Collect Things?

Antique Tractor & Truck Museum

Trains, planes, and automobiles, and more!

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