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Vermont's Northeast Kingdom & Fall Foliage Drive

Two work assignments bring us to Vermont's Northeast Kingdom for a second time (second time for me; Whiskey has been there many times). First time was September 1st see that here. The first work stop is in Williston. This was not a terribly exciting leg of the trip.

Whiskey does his inspection then we stop for a quick lunch at a chain restaurant nearby. Boring, but with our schedule between the Maine trip to this trip I didn't prepare much food in advance.

Our trip will go from Williston to Westfield; the work assignment location the next morning is in Derby.

The scenery was stunning on our travels to Westfield.

Our overnight location is a Boondockers Welcome place. BW hosts are mainly private residences and is available through an annual membership, now part of Harvest Hosts. We stay at Couture's Maple Shop. Jacques and Pauline are gracious hosts. They provide a parking area next to their sugar house with a 30amp receptacle. That was a really nice perk.

We had a lovely view of their farm fields and the mountains.

Once we settle in, we break out the drinks, a simple snack, and then I start to prepare dinner. The following morning, Whiskey is able to do a bit of paperwork before departure. We stop into the farm store and get maple syrup and to chat with our hosts. A lovely evening in farm country.

Next up is a work stop in Derby at a trucking company. We are there at 9am, inspection is complete by 10 and we're off for the day to enjoy the fall foliage all the way as we travel south to home (video link down at the bottom).

Satellite View of Parking

Our lunch stop is in Littleton NH at Littleton Freehouse Taproom. We arrive shortly after opening so we are able to get a perfect parking spot for our rig. We scout parking lots via Google Maps satellite view to see the parking lot before choosing a destination; we knew this lot would work for our rig.

The lot was actually better than the Maps view because it was paved. We are a bit obsessive about parking. It requires a bit of planning when going into downtown / city areas.

We had a lovely time at Freehouse Taproom. Service was friendly, beer was tasty, and the food was very good. Great place, neat interior, and nice location with onsite parking.

After lunch we head for home. We choose to take RT302 which goes by Mount Washington Hotel and through Crawford Notch. The scenery and fall colors are stunning. It is a holiday weekend so there is an abundance of tourists, traffic, and busses. We were happy to just be driving through.

New England in the fall is gorgeous. People from all over the world come here to see it. Come along for the ride and see the fall foliage as we drive from Williston Vermont to Derby, to Littleton, through Crawford Notch, and down into Conway Village.

As of today, October 16th, 2022, fall foliage is past peak from our area and north. The leaves are falling and piling up.

This post and video conclude our trip from The County through Midcoast Maine to Vermont's Northeast Kingdom and back home all done in six days. It was a beautiful trip. We feel blessed to live in an area surrounded by natural beauty.

Thanks for reading and watching. Next up will be back to everyday life at the homestead as we prepare for the cold months ahead.



Boondockers Welcome is now owned by Harvest Hosts.

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