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Northeast Kingdom - Vermont

On top of the world! With sunset views to Vermont's Green Mountains and Lake Memphremagog to the southwest and sunrise views toward Canada to the northeast this Harvest Hosts location was stellar. However, during our time there the wind was intense, and it was paired with temps in the 50's. We spent the evening inside.

Parked for the night at Lavender Essentials.

Whiskey's work brought us to Richford Vermont which is 170 miles and 3.25 hours from home. Luckily there is a Harvest Hosts location, Lavendar Essentials, nearby and we made an overnight trip out of it.

The work stop was in the construction zone. While Whiskey did his inspection, I prepared lunch. Then I took the wheel and Whiskey ate while I drove. I did most of the driving on this trip so that Whiskey could do paperwork as we drove. This is turning out to be a highly efficient work travel situation.

I have not spent any time in this part of Vermont which made for new sights and scenery to enjoy. Our trip from Richford to Lavender Essentials took us through Newport.

Newport is a pretty town on Lake Memphremagog. Our trip didn't allow for much time to explore the town, but we did stop for a cocktail and a snack at East Side Pub on the shore of the lake to get a glimpse. What a nice spot.

As we head to the Harvest Hosts location, we literally drive the Canadian border.

Upon arrival to our overnight spot the skies were overcast, and the wind was strong almost Outer Banks strong (see example of that wind watch our Episode 05). We put in a good effort to spend time outside. Once Homer started shivering, we moved inside and got the music cranking. Thankfully there was good 4G on the hill and we were able to play Apple music on our bluetooth player that has pretty good sound. Burgers for dinner again because it is so easy. And easy good.

The skies were clear in the morning allowing for a glowing sunrise. I captured this shot from bed. What a beautiful way to start the day.

In the morning, the wind and clouds were gone. We enjoyed a relaxed morning sipping coffee taking in the views and crispy fresh air. Locations like this highlight how fantastic it is having space when parked overnight. Campgrounds do not offer this.

After I made breakfast for Whiskey, we packed up and headed home to start the Labor Day weekend.

Sushi takeout from our local Japanese restaurant Saka is perfect for dinner in the Barn Lounge. We order online, pay online, and our friends pick it up on their way over. It is easy, and easy is good.

For the remainder of the holiday weekend, we did yardwork, a bit of house painting, boat maintenance, etc. As I write this it is Labor Day and it is raining slow and steady. This is forcing me to stay inside to tackle a few "to do" items. It's all good; it's nice to be inside without fans and air conditioners running. It's quiet and relaxing. It was a relaxing weekend at home.

Here's a clip of the quiet evening wrapping up the weekend.

The unofficial end of summer has come, and we will now focus to make the most of September and early October with hopes that warm days will be abundant. It's time to start preparing for winter.

Here is a video compilation of our trip and weekend.


If you are considering RVing here are some links

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07 de set. de 2022

Thanks for sharing your life and travels! Love your posts!

Wine & Whiskey
Wine & Whiskey
07 de set. de 2022
Respondendo a

Thank you so much for commenting! It's nice to know you enjoy my posts. When you get your RV send me a photo.

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