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The Places We've Parked

Planning RV trips takes a bit of effort. I (Wine) use RV Trip Wizard. After I map out our route, I look at Harvest Hosts location that are on the route. I insert each destination so that the mileage and travel time is calculated. I then tweak this based on reservations I am able to make and then keep funneling down to create the final route.

When using the TR Tip Wizard platform, you can insert any stop you'd like to fine tune every detail. You can then play around with your daily drive times and destination.

For long trips we have driven our van in addition to the motorhome. We use walkie-talkies to stay connected during the travel. After this trip we are considering a tow vehicle. We met other travelers that tow vehicles and got inspiration to explore options. Maybe our next trip we will tow a car instead of driving two vehicles.

We enjoyed our trip and the places we visited. Traveling with older dogs has presented a challenge but all in all RV life is great. Having your own kitchen, bathroom, and bed from place to place is pretty cool. Life is good.


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