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Summer is Winding Down

Now is the time to get in as much outdoor living as possible before the cold air blows in. September weather is the best because the multiple days in the 90s are over. The air is crisp and the oppressive humidity is lifted.

Wolfeboro Bay

Homer the brown dog is ready to cruise as much as weather allows.

Here is a snippet of our sunset boat ride Labor Day weekend, Saturday, September 4. Weather was delightful.

The lake was a bit choppy. That makes for a nice visual in this shot.

In other news, the painters arrived!! Really nice progress after three days of scraping. This side of the barn has not been painted in twenty years; long overdue.

The RV has two more rentals to go. After they are complete we will be hitting the road and exploring Harvest Hosts locations in Maine before they all close up for the season. Stay tuned!

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