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Summer 2022 Kickoff

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

M&M come our bubble for a visit to kickoff summer 2022. And we are off to a great start.

But before we get into that, the first day of summer we were in Kittery Maine for a day trip, and we had a delightful lunch at Robert's Maine Grill & Raw Bar.

I, Wine, was busy coordinating the social calendar. Ginger and Crabby Jack came for dinner one night in the Barn Lounge (no boat ride prior). The weather was perfect for getting the campfire lit and sitting outside after dinner, which was unfortunately not photographed. I made a beautiful spinach salad with hot bacon dressing, and sausages with peppers, onions, and mini potatoes.

After a boat ride convoy with Santa George, a 1953 Chris-Craft we had dinner in the Barn Lounge consisting of take-out pizzas and homemade Caesar salad, and then a delightful berry pie from Bly farm. They make the best berry pies.

Our first sunset boat ride of 2022. Come along for the ride.

Every day is a gift. Our mission is to make the most of each day even when there are chores and work to do. We are blessed to have good friends, good dogs (even though they are challenging now), and to live in a beautiful place on earth.

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