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RV Parking

As we travel around with the motorhome our plan is to park like a car and park in downtown settings. Our strategy is to go early or plan to park in the farthest out area from a downtown. In the outskirts of a downtown the parking is typically free and has double spots. In this post we share our parking options as we traveled in Maine in October, which is a busy tourist time of the year.

Here we are parked in Camden Maine. When we got to town on this day it was midday and busy. So we parked outside of the busy downtown area. Parking was free and abundant.

In Bar Harbor we literally stumbled upon this designated RV parking area. Since we were in town early we were able to secure a spot. Parking is permitted for eight hours in this area. That is very helpful.

In Waterville Maine we parked in a parking lot. When doing this there has to be back to back parking spaces as shown below.

Our motorhome fits nicely in a standard width parking space, it the length we have to be aware of; also need to be aware of tree limbs in parking areas.

Downtown Boothbay Harbor streets are tight and hilly. Manuevering takes patience, but we found a free double spot away from the immediate downtown. Parking on streets require attention to overhead limbs.

Here we are in downtown Augusta Maine which is a city. On this day it was early on a Saturday morning when we were stopping for breakfast (thanks to Maps we find neat places to dine). Since it was early on a Saturday on street parking was no problem at all.

Another shot of parking in Augusta.

Downtown Diner in Augusta.

Having a 24' Class C RV makes downtown on-street and parking lot parking possible. Larger motorhomes have to find large lots and park on the perimeter. This is why we love the size of our rig.

Tips for RV parking:

Parking Lot in Waterville Maine

  • Use Satellite view on Maps to view parking options at your planned destination before you go there.

  • Use Maps Street View to take a virtual look at the area you are going. This will help identify challenges.

  • Go early to busy / popular areas.

  • Plan to park in the outskirts of downtown areas.

  • Look for parking lots that have back to spots.

  • Research designated RV parking areas.

Downtown Boothbay Harbor - We parked in front of Grover Hardware.

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