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Nothing Exciting Happened

This past week was spent at home in town with no excursions or work trips as the weather was not suited for outdoor fun. Therefore, nothing much to share or report.

Since I, Wine, was trapped inside for a lot of the time I commenced my wood board project. We have an abundance of wood scraps remaining from our barn / mudroom project. I couldn't toss or burn them because they have patina and character. I made a couple of boards for display and serving charcuterie.

I started with small rectangular cut pieces to experiment with. I scrubbed, bleached, scrubbed again, hand sanded, then coated with a food grade mineral oil. I embellished with glass knobs on two.

In my stash of wood scraps there are a variety of of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. I'll pull pieces and see what vision comes to mind and will then do something with them.

Another project I started is sourdough. It has been on my list for a while but I just didn't get to it. I began the starter on June 7th. I am in the seven day process of feeding and growing the starter. Then I'll bake my first loaf on day ten or so. I am naming my starter "Homer" and hope to share it with those who might be interested in giving sourdough a try.

I'm following the instructions of The Clever Carrot

I purchased a scale to measure the flour and water precisely. This is my first time using a scale for cooking and baking. It makes sense after learning more about the ingredients and process.

If anyone reading this knows about sourdough, please chime in and offer feedback and suggestions.

Ashley came over for a visit. She and Bell had a great time chasing the chuck-it ball! Ashley is a pro and got to the ball before Bell every time.

I made ricotta cookies to serve in the Barn Lounge when having friends over after dinner elsewhere. These cookies are simple and delicious. I put the link to the recipe below.

A friend saw the antique server with glass top (shown above) at a yard sale in Wolfeboro. I bought it not knowing what to do with it. Once in the barn Whiskey thought it would be perfect under the TV. So there it is. And it is indeed perfect for the Barn Lounge.

This upcoming week includes is Wine's birthday. Not sure what the plan is yet as the weather forecast is not awesome. As we typically do, we'll let the week unfold as opportunities arise. Hoping for sunshine. 🌞


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I love that you named your starter Homer 🐾❤️. Making sourdough is amazing! You’ll be a natural. New board is gorgeous and what a great idea! Nice choice for the legs.

Wine & Whiskey
Wine & Whiskey

Thank you! I'm making my first loaf tomorrow. The starter is doing great.

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