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No Cabin Fever Here

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Mother nature was busy cranking out the snow in our part of the world. We had three snowstorms during this past week; the snow piled up significantly. That didn't stop us from getting out and about, and having friends visit.

Bell and I meet up with Ginger and Ashley for a walk-through Brewster Academy. Wolfeboro Bay finally froze; just in time to melt. The girls are getting along nicely. Bell doesn't know that she is going to meet more doggies on Saturday.

After the doggie walk, and before Tuesday's snowstorm I dismantle and burn the Barn Lounge Christmas tree. Using clippers, I cut the branches off of the tree in the stand and burned them in the Solo Stove over the course of an hour or so. It was actually relaxing.

We love having the tree lit in the barn into March. But as the days start to get longer and we are itching to get into the Barn Lounge, it was time for the tree to go.

Tuesday brought snow and my monthly wine delivery from Dry Farm Wines. It's always fun to get wine delivered.

Once snow clean up on Wednesday morning was complete, we head off to Massachusetts to pick up a client furniture piece then to Portsmouth to get hair chops.

Newburyport is a nice town on the Merrimack River and has several restaurants. We stopped at Black Cow for drinks and sushi. The atmosphere is relaxed and stylish; just like us. 😁

Snow on Thursday was good for getting us into the Barn Lounge to start neatening up the mess because we have a jam session to host there.

The barn gets a lot of traffic. Stuff piles up and we need motivation and a deadline to get it back in order. Barn jam on Saturday is our motivator.

Friday, a day between two snowstorms, is the best time to go for groceries, right? Not really, everyone had the same idea. I try not to get too annoyed with the lines. They weren't too bad; they were moving, and I was home in no time.

If you want to see how I get groceries into the house from the barn, watch the video (link at bottom). I am always looking for efficient ways to do things. I'm not sure if this way was more efficient, but it gave Bell something new to watch.

Mar Mar brought her brother, Torpedo, and his wife, Cosmo or J&J; still working on names. J&J brought their two golden retrievers Annie and Eddie. The men made some noise in the barn, the ladies drank wine, ate popcorn, and tended to doggies.

It was so fun to watch Bell play with Eddie, an 18-month old puppy. Bell is two years old so the energy level was matched. Eddie's large size did not deter her from playing. There are several clips of good doggie play in the video.

And if the week wasn't jammed with enough activities, we headed north on Sunday to Wildcat so Whiskey could ski for the first time this season.

While Whiskey skied, I went over the Glen House Hotel and the Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center, and I saw a moose!

Such beautiful scenery in the White Mountains; and frankly, all of NH.

A trip north would not be complete if we did not stop at May Kelly's. It is our favorite. The service is friendly and the food so good. The staff has been the same forever and they are always so nice to remember us.

A busy week ends quietly on the sofa with Bell, and drinking hydrating beverages after all of the dehydrating ones we had all week.

Be sure to watch the video of our no cabin fever week activities.

Even though we never got cabin fever this winter, I'm certain that if we stuck around for April in NH, I would get cabin fever then. Mud season sucks.

Next up is preparing the mobile condo for our trip south to warm weather and sunshine. We'll be bringing our two cats along for the ride. Not sure how it will go, but we're doing it.

If anything exciting or interesting happens, I'll post it on the blog. I don't think melting snow is going to be worth posting about.

Thanks for reading!

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