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Is it spring?

Spring is in the air, but there is still winter on the ground and in the lakes.

Here is a bit of this and that from early in the week documented in this short video.

To celebrate Spring, I host a potluck dinner and invite friends to bring dishes to share. We had a great assortment of tasty food. As usual, since I'm preoccupied with hosting I don't photograph enough. I did record some clips and put together in a video.

I enjoy the process of preparing for a dinner party at home. But I don't enjoy the cleaning that needs to be done beforehand. However, hosting does motivate me to clean the cobwebs and dust in more detail. It's all good.

Dinner is served buffet style. It's easier when you have a larger group of people; it eliminates the passing of entrees. Friends can easily refill their plates as well.

Whiskey, Honey, Cab, Ginger, JD, Cherry, and Ale. Crabby Jack was filling his plate.

Here's the menu:

Apps: Teriyaki and dry rub Wings Shrimp Cocktail Thai Coconut Meatball Soup Assorted Nuts Main: Chicken breast stuffed with spinach, provolone, and prosciutto. Brown rice

Green Beans

Salad Dessert: Silk Pie Samoa Bars

Florentine Bars

It's nice having friends that can cook!

Bell continues to be a wonderful dog. We feel so blessed to have her.

So that was last week; this week will be devoted to the prep for departing NH. There will be lots to do. We are looking forward leaving mud season behind and traveling to sunshine and palm trees.

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