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In the Homestead Kitchen

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Announcing a new video series titled In the Homestead Kitchen with Wine. I, Wine, spend a lot of time in the kitchen. We eat using the Weston A. Price philosophy: real whole food as close to the source as possible. That means there is always something to do in the kitchen. Whether it is cooking daily meals, preparing dog food (we feed ours raw), fermenting kefir, making broth, etc.

Drying Herbs by the Woodstove.

I am a member of couple of Facebook groups that practice this way of cooking and eating. We all share tips and information so we can all learn. This led me to start recording the things I do in my kitchen.

My effort in doing so is to show the way I do things. Everyone has their way and seeing how others do stuff is interesting and informative. Hopefully, others can learn a few tips or insight from watching my methods.

We are not farmers. I've tried growing vegetables many times and did not have much success; I was fighting insects and four-legged critters. I don't want to raise chickens, cows, or pigs. Instead, I support our local farmers and buy vegetables, meats, and dairy from them. It is a win-win situation. We are very thankful and grateful for our local farmers.

In my first published video I show how I render lard. I like lard because it is an unadulterated fat that is stable for high-heat use. The fat goes from the farm to the butcher, then to me. No industrial process or factory. Don't believe the hype that lard is unhealthy; highly industrially processed seed oils are the unhealthy fats.

The In the Homestead Kitchen with Wine series will be on the same channel as our other videos. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the notification bell if you want to know when new videos are posted.

Here are recently uploaded videos.

I realize these cooking and food related videos may not interest most people. Even so, the videos are a glimpse into our ever day life. Thanks for taking a look.

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