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Hilton Head Distillery Tasting

It's our job to check out this stuff. Hilton Head Distillery has tasty spirits. Our Craft Spirits | Hilton Head Distillery

We did a tasting of their rums and gin.

My (Wine) favorite is the Toasted Coconut Rum. Yum, yum! This will make refreshing drinks this summer.

The dark rum is rich and delicious as well. This will be perfect for punch and tropical themed cocktails, or enjoyed on the rocks.

Whiskey isn't much of a rum fan, his favorite is the gin, which he found to have a delightful distinct juniper flavor. Gin and tonic with slices of lime coming right up!

The interior of the space is light and bright. I overlooked getting a photo of the whole space. I'm trying avoid photos of people wearing masks and there was some of that.

Here is our take away.

We are doing all of this to stock the Barn Lounge bar! LOL! A mask burning party along with festive drinks will happen in May.

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