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Harvest Hosts - Part 1 - Zoll Vineyard, Weldon Mills Distillery + Newport News

Updated: May 5, 2021

Two overnight stays on the journey south to Hilton Head were at Harvest Hosts. Often the locations are off the beaten path, which encourages us to get off the highway. Our first location was at Zoll Vineyards in Dutton, VA

ZOLL VINEYARDS was a great spot because in addition to wine tasting they serve food. This was a welcome amenity since we could park, taste wine, and have dinner right there. Afterwards we just walk out to the rig for the evening.

We tasted several wines and sangrias, had a crab dip, paninis, and even dessert. Our server was friendly and we had nice conversation.

Surprisingly, I liked the sangrias they make. I bought a bottle of their Cranberry Lime one. It is great with lime slices over ice.

Our parking spot was in the far lot with no one else around. It was a very quiet evening and we were serenaded by the peepers. Watch the video below to hear the peeper symphony.

In the morning, after coffee, showers, and doggie walks we headed toward Newport News after a detour through Annapolis.

Neither of us had been to Annapolis so we picked out a waterfront restaurant to try, but after a ride through narrow streets and tight parking lots we aborted that mission. And since I (Wine) was driving too I couldn't get any photos of the town and watch Maps for directions. We think it is a beautiful old and historic town. Next time we will plan better and visit another time.

Newport News is a pretty town that is home to the The Mariners' Museum and Park - America's National Maritime Museum. The museum is closed at the moment, which we knew, however the Park & Trail - The Mariners' Museum and Park around the museum is quite nice.

After the walk on the museum trail we stopped for lunch at a place across the James River from Newport News. Dock of the Bay - Seafood Restaurant ( We strolled into the restaurant at opening with other old-timers for an early lunch. Notice the the nice big spacious parking lot, this is always what we look for. That was not an option in Annapolis.

From there our destination was Harvest Host #2, Weldon Mills Distillery (WMD) in North Carolina. Distillery Tours – Weldon Mills

A group of five RVs arrived at WMD around 3pm or so. We all had the tour of the distillery given by Bruce Tyler the owner, and then a had tasting. I don't care for whiskey at all, and the tasting confirmed it for me. Whiskey enjoyed it and bought a bottle of the WMD Reserve. See separate post here.

Four fellow RVers were all parked on the side of the distillery and one in the back; for a total of five rigs. We happened to get the spot on the corner of the lot facing the River Falls Park, which was busy with boat enthusiasts and walkers. As we were set up with our rockers out, we had lots of waves from passing cars. It was fun.

The other RVers were friendly and we stood around talking into the evening. Then one by one we all got dinners going in our rigs. After friendly waves and doggie walks in the morning we departed for the final leg to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

Harvest Host membership fee is definitely worth it for us. We are enjoying seeing the new places off of the main drags. There are many unique places to visit. On our journey home we will stop at two more and I'll post those as Part 2, but that is weeks from now.

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