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Christmas Cheer

A holiday favorite is to meet up with dear friends at Salt Restaurant in Wentworth Hotel in New Castle, NH. This is a festive place that is half-way point between both of our homes making for a delightful lunch and kick-start to the countdown to Christmas.

M & M with W & W

After a delightful relaxed two-hour lunch Whiskey and I then went to downtown Portsmouth and downtown Dover to see trees and lights.

Instead of hot cocoa we opted for drinks. I had the Sugar Cookie martini at Blue Latitudes, and it indeed tasted like a cookie. YUM!

Before lunch there was not snow, then it started falling. The snow made for a Hallmark movie setting especially since we came upon a Christmas concert in downtown Dover. We literally caught the last song. It was a festive and pleasant surprise. Check it out in the video.

We were blessed with fresh snow which should be sticking around for a while due to the cold temps forecast. Coming up in the next post is Christmas at Home. Stay tuned!

Have a festive and glorious Christmas Week. I like to call it Christmas week because I try not to work the week leading up to Christmas. Lots to do: make fresh eggnog, perogies, meet up with friends, and more!

Merry Christmas!

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