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Christmas at Home

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Written by "Wine"

After Thanksgiving away from home, and a trip to Jacksonville, Florida and back we are hunkered down at home for the winter. And right on queue we received a blanket of snow.

Here we are minus the two cats. Little Guy, JJ, and Homer.

This photo is the best we could do to get the dogs to cooperate. Whiskey's hand is full of treats. It would be cool to get out two cats in the photo too, but I'm a realist and that it just not going to happen. They were in their heated beds anyway.

I try to make Christmas as simple as possible which is a challenge even when we aren't hosting family; it is easy for me to get caught up in shiny objects and twinkle lights. After our annual family tradition cookies were made, and gifts went in the mail, we turned our focus to the countdown to Christmas that I call Christmas week. During this week, we slow down the pace, gather with local friends, and spend more time by the fireplace.

Candle lights in the windows is our preferred way to decorate for Christmas. It is easy and simple. The Barn Lounge tree adds a warm glow.

Homemade boozy eggnog is ready, and we'll be indulging in that all week. Well, I'll be indulging, Whiskey doesn't care for it even though it has bourbon in it.

Boozy Eggnog

Here's my recipe.

Boozy Eggnog

12 eggs

1 ½ C sugar

¼ t. salt

4 C heavy cream

4C milk (or less depending on the desired thickness)

Ground clove and nutmeg

Bourbon & Spiced Rum

12 eggs – separated

Place yolks in large mixing bowl, add 1 C sugar, and beat till fluffy.

Place egg whites in a large bowl, add ½ C sugar, and ¼ teaspoon of salt, and whisk until firmed up.

Combine the whites to the yolk mixture and mix to combine.

Lightly beat heavy cream and then add to the egg mixture, pour in as much milk as you like to achieve the thickness you like.

Add ground clove and nutmeg to your liking. Add bourbon and rum to your taste. I usually keep the boozy part light and add bourbon, brandy, or spiced rum when serving for more kick.

I make this using farm fresh eggs, raw cream, and raw milk. It is an amazing consistency, and decadent flavor. Use the best eggs, organic cream (preferably not ulra-pasteurized) and milk you have access to. It makes a difference.

Eggs are amazing! They are so versatile. Here are photos of the process.

The homestead is ready for Christmas. Having fresh snow was a blessing and makes for a better photos too. LOL! If viewing this on your computer, you can click a photo to open a slide show.

I've been busy baking things to share; two are family traditions: Nutroll and Italian Christmas Cookies. The other two are personal favorites: Jam Thumbprints and Rosemary Butter Cookies. I used Stonewall Kitchens Holiday Jam for the Thumbprints; it is an excellent pairing.

Our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will be spent with local friends. We will host friends on Christmas day. Prime Rib is on the menu. I'll use the closed-oven method, with one modification; I take the roast out at 112-115 degrees then let it reach 120 degrees while it rests. We like it rare.

That's all for now, have to get back in the kitchen, time to make perogies! We wish you and yours a blessed, merry, joyous, and relaxed Christmas.


Wine & Whiskey

Update: I made the perogies! Whiskey suggested bacon be added to the potato filling. Great idea! Delish!!

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