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Back in our Bubble

Getting away is wonderful to refresh, relax, and rejuvenate; returning home is heartwarming. Our little town is a gem of place offering beautiful scenery, crystal clear lakes, recreational paths, good infrastructure, and many businesses to support our needs for supplies, entertainment, and food.

Gazebo in Cate Park Overlooking Wolfeboro Bay.

As Whiskey and I look back on the path our lives took together we are thankful for our naiveté as we created our life of uncertainty. Taking risks is what lead us to where we are today and enjoying the fruits of those risks.

Here is a sampling of life as we gear up for warm weather and boating season. Recorded May 5, 2022.

My (Wine) plan is to put up blog posts as often as I can if something inspires me. This little blog has been a creative outlet for me and a way to document when and where we've been. I am often pulling up the blog to jog our memories.

Stay tuned for more stuff from our April trip and daily life in our bubble; creating a life we don't need a vacation from.


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