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Work Trip - Calais Maine

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

A work assignment is well over five hours from our home to a rural part of Maine, actually most of Maine is rural. In deep winter much of Maine is very quiet, add on top the restrictions due to the pandemic, lodging and dining options are NOT abundant. This is why the motorhome continues to be wonderful because it provides lodging and dining in one.

Scariest part of using the our mobile condo in the winter is driving it out of our driveway. Whiskey has to clear the RV roof and the driveway before departure. Once we are out of the driveway the adventure begins.

It is steeper than it looks.

Having three dogs requires that they each have a place to be comfy as we drive for hours. For this trip we allowed our big-headed bulldog to ride up front in the cab for the first time. She liked it.

Little dog in the crate, our old guy under the table, and the bulldog.

Lunch, fuel, and doggie break happens all at once in one stop for efficiency. I got the pour over coffee maker for when the rig is not on shore power or the generator running. The coffee is quite good, tastes the same as the plug-in coffee maker.

No need to stop at Dunkin's.

One of our pups is aging (insert sad emoji here). The RV steps are slippery and steep. A folding ramp has helped greatly to keep him mobile. He doesn't really like it, but he uses it. We got the WeatherTech ramp. It is also used to aid the old guy getting into our car to avoid a big a jump (and potential slip).

The ramp is a big help for older pups.

Scenes from the road show much of what Maine is: trees, wilderness, and small towns. The road signs claim there are moose. However, we have never seen one near a roadway (thankfully).

Not one moose sighting.

Sorry it's blurry.

We arrived at the assignment location by 5pm and set up for the evening. The tow yard where we were parked supplied us with a 15 amp receptacle to give us power to operate the heated dog beds. Since the temperature was to go below zero the floors of the RV would be super duper cold. The heated beds are really nice for doggies.

The heated beds we use are mats that go under their beds, they have a high and low setting and will stay on continuously.

In addition to the heated dog beds, we have a heat mat and rug to cover most of the floor. This makes the mobile condo very cozy in cold and frigid weather. However, it will only run for eight hours. So before bed turn it off and back on to have it run through the night.

Parked and settled just in time before darkness.

Now it's time for a cocktail, snacks, and dinner. I brought an easy to make dinner, just burgers and chips. After dinner, we caught up on a few things, watched a video or two on our phone and had an early bedtime.

Sidebar tips for using the rig in the winter: each window has an insulating panel that fits behind the shades; this helps reduce the cold coming through the glass (also great for room darkening too). I cut a piece for each window using double bubble reflective. We use the toilet by flushing with anti-freeze. To wash up we heat up water and use a bowl in the sink, then dump that water outside. Dishes are cleaned up with wipes and/or vinegar. Multiple jugs of water are stored in shower, and/or the kitchen sink. Each skylight has the pillow insulator in it.

The morning temperature was -6°. Each window had a frost layer behind the insulated panel. Whiskey suited up and headed out to do his work assignment while I prepared breakfast.

After the work was done, breakfast consumed, and doggies walked, we put on a podcast and headed back home. All the while avoiding all public restrooms. Motorhome travel is best, especially during a pandemic and flu season, and traveling to remote areas where lodging is limited.

I use Amazon links for products just for convenience, these are not affiliate links.

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Tommy Schardt
Tommy Schardt
Feb 24, 2021

What did you use for the insulated panels on the windows?

Wine & Whiskey
Wine & Whiskey
Feb 24, 2021
Replying to

Tommy, it is called double bubble reflective foil. Search that and you will find many options on where to purchase.

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