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Work Trip + Brewery, Boothbay Maine

Boothbay Craft Brewery & Taphouse

Whiskey had a work assignment in Maine. That was an opportunity to check out a new place for an overnight stay at Boothbay Craft Brewery. I had this on our list as a Harvest Hosts location. When the work trip was scheduled I opted to reserve the full hook-ups site (Stay With Us) instead of a Harvest Host site which has none so that we had 30 amp power to run electricity without using the generator.

The motorcycle was loaded up on the rig and we headed off. We got the mobile condo parked, hooked-up, set-up, and the bike off of the MotoTote. Whiskey then suited up and headed to his work assignment about forty minutes from the brewery.

When Whiskey is riding his bike we use location sharing on Google Maps so that I can see his location. This is good because there is not texting or talking while on the motorcycle.

Once back from the ride, we have sit and chill out for a bit before walking to the Taphouse for pizza and beer.

The decor inside and outside is unique, cozy, and fun . Here are photos:

We got two pizzas, because pizza for breakfast!

Sweet & Sassy “Spicy”

red sauce / Calabrian chili oil / mozzarella / pepperoni / Italian hand pulled sausage / caramelized sweet onion / chili flakes

LOL "locks of love" Smoked Salmon

OneOnOEVOO / dill cream / mozzerella / smoked lmon / Vidalia onions / capers / chives

Here is our site and shots from our overnight stay. Home is where you park it!

On our travels we stopped for lunch in Wiscasset, and were able to snag a parking spot on the street. It's nice when we can avoid tight parking lots.

Here are shots from our travels including one of LL Bean in Freeport.

We can't say enough about how great it is having the motorhome. It encourage us to get out and about. However, we are heading into our RV rental season where we share this rig with others that want to check out the RV travel and lifestyle, making it not available for trips on a whim. So we'll be focusing on the Barn Lounge, gearing up for boating, and planning for summer in our little bubble.

Here is Whiskey driving our boat from storage to the workshop to prep it for the season. Summer fun is on the way.

P.S. Boothbay Craft Brewery is awesome!! We highly recommend. Since I don't drink beer I opted for other options. Whiskey had two different beers and thought they were outstanding! The pizzas are delicious. The staff from the campground greeter, inside and outside Taphouse staff were incredibly friendly. We are most definitely going back for a longer stay. It's close to Boothbay Harbor so there is much to explore.

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