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Winter Fun

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

It is finally winter. Now it is time for outdoor recreation for those that love that stuff in frigid temps. The conditions are good for sledding and skiing. First up is snowmobiling. Whiskey went out with local friends, let's call them Jack & Ginger. Ginger rides a pink sled with a coordinating pink helmet. Jack rides a sled with orange accents, his snowsuit is color coordinated, but his helmet isn't LOL! I, Wine, stayed home where it was warm and cozy. Yes, this former Jersey girl is an indoor girl in the winter.

On Lake Wentworth

A trail near Lake Wentworth.

Ginger on her pink sled; Jack on the orange sled.

Whiskey had his first ski day at Sunday River in Maine meeting up with his sister and her husband (we don't have pseudo names for them yet).

Whiskey's sister lives near Sunday River so we met up on a Sunday morning at the mountain to ski for the day. Well, they skied, and I did not. I enjoyed watching all of the ski lovers suit up in the crazy cold and walk to the mountain for a day on the slopes. I enjoyed a few hours of quiet, reading, napping in the mobile condo.

Here is what it looks like from the ski mountain.

We snagged a pretty good parking spot taking a corner in a lot that was empty when we arrived; the lot was completely packed shortly thereafter.

While Whiskey skied, I hung out with the doggies. The doggies had no interest in walking around outside since it was 12 degrees.

After a what I heard was a great ski day, we headed over to Whiskey's sister's for the night. We were treated to delicious food and a relaxed evening, despite the Bucs losing the playoff game (yes, Tom Brady fans here).

Since our dogs are old and slow, we left them in the mobile condo; which is now called "box of dogs" because Remy, the Golden, watched our dogs walking about outside his window then return to "the box".

After a freaking frigid night, we awoke to a beautiful sunny morning. This is the view from Whiskey's sister's (we need a pseudo name).

We are now officially into winter a month after the solstice. Snow has been on the ground since Christmas and there is more on the way. I like to enjoy it from inside, or outside when the temps are closer to 30 degrees. The single and subzero temps have kept me and the doggies inside and planning our trip to warm sunshine.

Scenes from our area in the Lakes Region.



Winter Harbor, Tuftonboro

It was great catching up with family that we had not seen in quite a while. Also great having the snow and cold temps to make outdoor recreation possible (for those that like that sort of thing).

Life is what you make of it. We love where we live. Our little bubble has everything we need, and we have good friends to enjoy spending time with. Life is what you make of it. We are making the most of ours. Tick tock, time is flying by.

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