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Walking in Nature

A large live oak with Spanish moss - I put a filter on this image.

When people think of Hilton Head Island, they often think of golf. However, it is SO much more than golf. The vegetation and the live oak trees are amazing; they provide a large canopy over much of the island. The live oak trees with Spanish moss are most intriguing to us because it so different than what we have in our area.

We do manage to step away from the bar now and then and explore the outdoors. In this video we walk through a nature preserve and then a park where we see alligators.

We have a few more preserves and parks on our list to get to. Last year we went to the Coastal Discovery Museum; you can see that here. Cocktails, Oysters, and the Coastal Discovery Museum (

That's all for this post, off to the pool to get our pale NH skin in the sun. 🌞

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