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Visiting 1000 Islands NY

The last leg of our 2500-mile two-week trip ends in the 1000 Islands region of upstate New York on the St. Lawrence River. What a beautiful area!

Our main reason to visit the area is the Antique Boat Museum, which is only open weekends in October. We arrive in the area on a Thursday from Cleveland area, it was a long drive. We arrive at the campground around 4 and are able to get a bundle of firewood and spend some time relaxing.

On Friday, I find a laundromat (no facility at campground ☹️) and launder all of our clothes before returning home; so fast when having multiple machines. I was done in 90 minutes, and I didn't have to bring a big pile of dirty clothes home. During the wait, Bell and I head to the waterfront area in Alexandria Bay. We discover a boardwalk that goes along the river. The weather was delightful, and we were the only walkers.

I parked next to the Corwall Brothers Musuem and found the boardwalk there. What a lovely spot. If in the area, check that out.

The board walk and path leads to a peninsula, but we didn't have enough time to venture that far; the laundry was in the dryer.

After laundry and returning to campground to get Whiskey we go to lunch downtown Alexandria Bay and then visit a distillery and wineries in Clayton. Downtown is small but has several shops. In the summer it must be a busy place. On October 13th it wasn't busy at all.

Vintage neon signs are still in place downtown. Somehow, I didn't shoot any video or got other photos of downtown A.B.

After lunch, it's time to taste wine and visit a distillery. On our first trip to the area in

2016 we discovered Clayton Distillery. Whiskey loved their smoked gin and was hoping to get a bottle or two on this trip.

Well, that was not meant to be. Smoked gin was not available. Therefore, he had to settle for their bourbon.

Thousand Islands Winery is situated in a large red barn and offers some nice wines that we enjoyed.

Coyote Moon Winery is located off of the beaten path. They are a Harvest Host. This is good to know, but we were not in need for this trip. We had a tasting there where we were served by a very enthusiastic young man.

Very enjoyable experience at all our destinations. We recommend visiting in the off season where parking is abundant, and not many people milling about.

We enjoyed our stay at 1000 Island Campground. As I keep saying, it is the off-season after Columbus Day, so the campground was almost desolate. We had a quiet corner where we could sit outside for the evening, have a fire, and have a relaxed dinner.

Thanks to L&J, my sister and brother-in-law in Ohio, we are sent off with Whiskey's birthday cake that we pair with red wine from Thousand Islands Winery. A lovely way to end a nice day.

Having our motorhome has made travel easy. Having our stuff, food, libations, and pets all in one place is efficient and pleasurable.

We like spending days out and about and often get a lunch. Then we return to our tiny home for the evening for dinner.

On Saturday, we visit the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton. Click here for more about that. The multiple buildings, waterfront location, and location in town is lovely.

Downtown Clayton is on the St. Lawrence River. Imagine this scene in the summer, it must be beautiful. More so than this overcast grey day in October.

There are many restaurants and shops downtown. 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel, a large hotel, anchors one end of the small downtown.

It is a very walkable town and must be lovely in the warm weather. If you are looking for a place to visit that isn't a large city, I think the 1000 Islands region is an excellent choice.

You can see more in the video that includes Alexandria Bay and the Antique Boat Museum.

Our two-week trip comes to an end on October 15th. It's time to connect the Jeep to the tiny house and head back home. Fortunately, we have a created a life we don't need a vacation from so we don't dread going home and getting back to the routine. We look forward to getting home and preparing for the winter season.

We travel home through upstate NY to Plattsburgh to catch the ferry to Vermont.

The ferry crosses at a very narrow part of Lake Champlain making the ride ten minutes.

Once back home, Willy gets right out on the porch to check on chipmunks and birds. He loves the porch.

We are thankful and grateful for safe travels! Driving with the toad was a bit stressful at times on the highways. Lots of crazy and distracted drivers on the road and we have to be vigilant to stay safe.

Here is our trip, we traveled in a large circle.

Next up is back to everyday life in our little bubble. Lots to do to wrap up the fall season and prepare for the winter; firewood stacking, putting the gardens to bed, and washing windows. I love clean windows!

Until next time, live life to the fullest! Thanks for reading and watching.

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