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Virginia Beach - First Landing State Park

A Walkway to the Beach

First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach, VA is a rustic campground (links below) with RV sites, tent sites, and yurts for rent. The sites are laid out in a very random pattern providing privacy between most sites.

Here are shots of our visit. We set up the Blackstone griddle on the picnic table and cooked all meals there. That griddle has made RV life great, and it has minimized the cooking mess inside the RV.

The sites are all sand. Which is cool, and also not-cool. We liked the sand for laying out on our beach mats in the sun, but did not like the sand otherwise. It's just hugely messy with three dogs and going in and out of the RV. This is a beach campground so the sand has to be accepted. We are kind of neat freaks so the sand forced us just to let it go and embrace the sand.

A video.

Firewood, ice, and a whole bunch of other stuff is stocked at the camp store.

Since we were at the campground for just two nights we left the campground only once. We went for happy hour at The Back Deck ( overlooking the water. The temp that was 90 degrees yet the breeze was cooling and delightful. It was a taste of summer weather for us.

RV life and travel has been very enjoyable for us. We are thoroughly embracing the RV lifestyle.


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