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Vintage Race Boat Regatta

New Hampshire Boat Museum's Wolfeboro Vintage Race Boat Regatta took place on Friday and Saturday September 15 & 16, 2023. This posts highlights Friday the 15th.

Tradition to open the regatta is to have three triple cockpit wooden boats run the course while the national anthem is played at the docks. Whiskey was asked to partake and drive one of his wooden boats. He chose to ride Last Chance on Friday and Workboat on Saturday.

Manhattan is scheduled to ride along with Whiskey and to record video while on the boat. Well, that didn't go as expected. Manhattan got one clip, and that's it; thankfully it was a good clip. Fortunately, Goose was onboard, and she recorded clips of racing around the course.

Manhattan did manage to also record this little gem all on his own. 😂

Here is a video of the Vintage Race Boat Regatta. Thanks to "Goose" for getting video clips of Last Chance running the course. Thanks to "Manhattan" for his opening commentary of the event.

Snapshots of the event and the highlighting the effort involved to get this underway. The crane lifts the hydroplane boats off their trailers and places them in the water.

Here is video of boat racing made by a local enthusiast.


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