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Travel South

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Wine and Whiskey left NH! April in NH is a long pause between seasons; a waiting period until warm weather, leaves, and the perennials come back. Until then, we'll be in the South.

We loaded up the mobile condo and the van and hit the road (after we completed our spring yard clean up, cleaned the house and tackled the list to prepare for departure).

Our first overnight spot in NJ brings daffodils, magnolia blooms, and green grass.

Having quick lunches in the condo reduces the overall travel time on travel days.

Walkie-talkies allowed us to easily chat and communicate as we cruised.

I (Wine) listed to my favorite podcasts and then got into a good crime story, while Whiskey listened to audiobooks about history (not my interest). A truly win-win situation.

Stay tuned for updates as we meander south.

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