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Travel Drama

As we travel from New Hampshire to South Carolina with overnight stops in New Jersey and Virginia planned we had a couple of bumps and delays in the process.

Whiskey pumping oil out of the overfilled pan.

Not even 10 miles from home the check engine light came on and then notification that the oil was overfull. This is not good news. Fortunately, Whiskey could remedy this with the right tools. So, we had to make stops to find tools; it took three stops to come up with something.

Watch the video to see how Whiskey did it and then see how and why we ended up at a Mercedes service center in Maryland.

These challenges did not deter us, and we kept on rolling right through to Hilton Head Island. Life throws some bumps in the road, but we keep moving forward.

Dogs bored to death as we wait for the engine repair.

We are safe and sound in Hilton Head Island for a while.

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Henry Flynn
Henry Flynn
08 de abr. de 2022


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