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The Blackstone

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Testing the Blackstone Griddle at Home

Many fellow RVers have raved about the the Blackstone griddle. Their shots of the meal and foods they are grilling motivated us to finally buy one. They are heavy so I was leery about adding more weight to our rig. However, after going through some of our stuff we eliminated items to accommodate the new addition.

Since I am a cast iron skillet cook this griddle is just perfect for the type of cooking I do. I chose the 17" size, the smallest model. Adventure Ready 17" Tabletop Griddle – Blackstone Products Before taking the griddle on the road we started using it at home to get the hang of it.

Two thumbs up for the Blackstone griddle! We will be taking this on the road on an upcoming trip. We are looking forward to doing all of the cooking outside, weather permitting. Just like the packaging shows, we will making breakfast, lunch, and dinner on this thing.

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