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Summer 2020

Like everyone else, our summer of 2020 is a bit different than other summers. Since we live in a summer resort community everyday can be vacation if we choose (or have time for). We used pandemic as a reason to close our guestroom for overnight guests. Now it really feels like vacation for us. We love hosting family and friends, but it is a lot of effort and work to do so. I have taken full advantage of the virus to make less work for myself. Although, we still host friends for dinner or on the boat; so I'm not a total slug.

We have made some RV trips. One to Pittsburg NH, another trip to Medway, Maine (for Whiskey's work), and a driveway camp a friends home.

In Pittsburg we stayed at Lake Francis State Park at a lakefront site. It was very peaceful, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Medway Maine is over four hours from home. We stayed one night at Pine Grove Campground. Whiskey brought his Ducati on the Mototote and rode up to Houlton from Medway for a work assignment. Here are the scenes from the campground.

When not out in the motorhome somewhere, we enjoy our life in our summer resort town of Wolfeboro. Here are shots of summer fun so far. Boat rides, dinner with friends, hanging out in our Barn Lounge, and ice cream downtown.

Life is good. We continue with our motto to create a life we don't need a vacation from. Wishing you a life of vacation.


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