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Scenes From Around the House

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

The Drafty "Front" Door

We live in an old drafty house in a small town, a bubble, as we call it, because it literally has just about everything one needs without leaving town. Our little town has two grocery stores, four gas stations, four convenience stores, a State liquor store, four banks, several restaurants, a golf course, a Walgreens, a well-stocked hardware store, specialty shops, automotive repair shops, and a hospital with a helipad. We could walk to all of it from our home.

Even though our house is within walking distance to everything, we have a little oasis of a few acres that we have curated over the 20+ years of owning it.

The yard and plantings look best at the end of May and early June as the major heat hasn't taken it's toll on the greenery. That is why I took these photos over the past week. I'll be adding some potted plants here and there and tending to the brown patches where the grass died over the winter.

My Eye Swollen Shut

I don't enjoy gardening, but I do it anyway. After tending to a new planting bed I created last year I ended up with poison ivy on my face and neck. That was not a pretty sight. One eye was swollen shut and the red patches were dreadful. I would share the photos, but no one really needs to see that. I've included one shot of my eyes.

My garden loving friends say "Gardening is so relaxing, I love it!". Um, no, I disagree. Every time I put a shovel to the earth I hit a rock (this is common in NH). Gardening is hard work. That's why I stick to hosta, iris, lily, pachysandra, and potted plants.

I know there are some weeds in this shot. Is there a weed puller tool that will pull weeds without bending over?? That would incredible.

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